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Brilliantly eye-catching for both interior and exterior use

Unlike most producers of lighting fixtures, kreonrecognizes the importance of artisan craftsmanship. A perfect result requires both technical ingenuity as well as artistic desire.  Which gives us artisanal mouth-blown glass, an unpretentious and unusual industrial material, yet elegant, modern and versatile. Whether blown, pressed, ground, sandblasted or silver-plated, it forms the sculpting material, merging traditional and modern lighting techniques.

The stunning design of kreon up 80 outdoor glass has been successfully created to marry the soft contours of the glass with a modified version of the existing kreon up 80 outdoor fixture. Light is elegantly distributed through the sculpted glass thanks to the crystal-clear, satined light guide at the top. The range consists of three different styles (circular stub, circular gherkin and circular free-form stub) that can either be combined or used individually. This sculpted yet simple play on form creates a bridge between art and design, between functionality and emotion.

High-quality materials and productions techniques were used to guarantee their IP67 rating. Combined with a low installation depth (thanks to LED technology), the fittings offer architects enormous flexibility. When used as garden lighting, these timeless glass objects blend in seamlessly with nature.